If you have any questions that is not among the frequently asked questions (FAQs), please contact us


Who can visit your website? Anyone from 18 years and above is eligible to visit our website


What is your minimum order amount? Our minimum order amount is €50 including your preferred shipping method


Why can’t i proceed to checkout? If whenever you click on proceed to checkout and it stays on the cart or basket page and says check your order, it is because your total order amount is not up to our minimum order amount. Please, make sure that your total order amount is at least €50 and then it will proceed.


When will my order be dispatch? All orders will be dispatch within 24 hour after confirmation of payment received. So make sure you send a screenshot of your payment so that your order can be dispatch.


Will i get a tracking number? Yes, we will email you the tracking details immediately your order has been dispatch.


When will i receive my order? Your delivery duration will depend on the shipping method you choose. However, the estimated delivery date will be email to you alongside the tracking details.


How is packaging done? Orders are package discreetly and smell proof


Is there a discount or coupon code? Yes, there is discount code for all orders starting from €450 and above.


Can i pay later? Yes, you can pay for your order later and not immediately the same time and day you place your order. Just make sure not to forget the order number. Please, note that your order will only be dispatch only after confirmation of payment receipt.


Do you issue a refund? If for any reason you haven’t received your order 24 hours after the estimated delivery date, please contact us if you want a refund.

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